The Stories

Folklore and Campfire Tales Abound

Every story ever told, from the bed-time tales told to children by their parents, to this dark and forbidden legend, has at least a little truth in it. The hard part is figuring out what is true and what is fabrication. Herein are the prominent myths and histories of the Bardryn Peninsula, excluding the Midnight Eternal and the Legend of Lake Ophelia (which will be chronicled in the Adventure Log).

The Settling of Bardryn – A more or less accurate account of the people who made Bardryn their home.

The Sunken City of Ka’dolee – A cautionary tale, replete with pirates who didn’t know better.

Gigathos, Dragon of the Dancing Wood – The life and times of the only known dragon on Bardryn Peninsula.

Ioneth’s Blade and Wrynder’s Bow – What happens when dire foes must rely on one another to survive?

The Secret of the Eldritch Primarch – Only the leader of the Knights of the Grimoire knows why the order was really established.

The Ghosts of Old Tennor Port – A ghost story about three lonely widows who haunt the wind the blows in from the sea.

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The Stories

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